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Best Time to Visit Nepal

When it comes to travelling, one of the most important decisions is always picking out the best time to travel. Therefore, we have come up with this guide on the best time to visit Nepal. We hope this guide can help you to decide when to visit Nepal based on your availability, purpose of travel, budget and preferences.

The best time to visit Nepal differs for each traveler. It depends largely on the purpose of travel (sightseeing, trekking, festivals, etc.), preference (crowd or quiet), budget (some seasons are more expensive than others), weather resistance (cold or hot) and many others.

In this article, we’ll offer suggestions on when to visit Nepal based on the different seasons and on the type of chosen activities.


Seasons in Nepal

Spring (March to May)

Generally, this is the second busiest season after Autumn (September to November) in Nepal. The weather starts to get warmer with some showers. You will see blooming flowers and the most number of animals roaming out and about. This is the best season for wildlife watching.
With regards to trekking and scenery-watching, haze and fogs might obscure the views at some places.

Best Time to Visit Nepal Spring -Manaslu Trek-min

Credit: Bigstock


Summer (June to August)

This is both the hot and rainy season in Nepal, as it coincides with the monsoon season. Heavy rain might cause flooding and even landslides in some places. You’ll see lush green valleys and blooming flowers.This period is most suitable for simple Nepal Sightseeing Tours in the country’s main cities and towns.

Best Time to Visit Nepal - Nepal Temple Guru



Autumn (September to November)

This is the peak and most crowded season in Nepal as the country sees the highest number of tourists. The monsoon season has just ended, the sky is clear, the views are magnificent, the trails are dry, and the weather is cool. This is the best time to visit Nepal and go for one of the many Nepal Trekking Tours.

Nevertheless, if you have plans to experience Nepal wildlife, tigers and other exotic animals are much harder to spot during this time.

Best Time to Visit Nepal Annapurna Base Camp

Credit: Mountain Adventures Trekking


Winter (December to February)

Just like most countries, the winter months are coldest months of the year. If you’re planning to trek or averse to low temperatures, try to avoid these months. Although it doesn’t snow in Nepal’s main cities, the weather could still hit freezing point at night.

This is also the time of the year where the country tries to conserve and ration electricity. You might experience consecutive hours with no electricity. However, if you’re visiting Nepal for sightseeing tours, especially wildlife, you could spot more animals in the jungles.

Best Time to Visit Nepal - Winter - Mountains



Activities in Nepal


The best time to trek in Nepal will be in Autumn (September to November) and Spring (March to May).


Jungles & Wildlife

As wildlife parks are open all year round, you can visit Nepal anytime to spot the various wild animals. You should be able to see the major wildlife, except for tigers, which usually appear in the first half of the year (January to June).

Best Time to Visit Nepal - Chitwan National Park

Credit: Mountain Adventures Trekking


Cultural, Historical and Festivals

If your main objective of visiting Nepal is for its rich culture and festivals, the best time to visit would be in Summer and Autumn. This is the period with the most festivals in Nepal. In any case, for simple sightseeing tours, you can visit Nepal at any time of the year.

Best Time to Visit Nepal Kathmandu Durbar Square

Credit: Mountain Adventures Trekking


Adventure Sports

For thrill-seekers, there are different suggested times of visit depending on the pursued activity. For white-water rafting, Spring (March to May) and Autumn (September to November) are the best.
In terms of air-related activities such as paragliding, microlight flights and zip-lining, Autumn and Winter (December to February) seasons are good. These seasons see little rain.


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